Gotta love Mondays, our Sundance tradition and you’re not a nutella jar.

October 20, 2014
IMG 9852

It has been weeks since I have done a total body strength workout and months since I have been to a pump class.  I decided that today was the day to start going back to pump classes.  Gotta love how Mondays motivate us to start a new goal.  I was going to run after class but decided to ellipticize instead for a bit… I ran 46 miles last week and that is way too high for me so soon after […]

Playing around on the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill and a family birthday party (you know those are my favorite).

October 20, 2014
IMG 9726

Just running on a $60,000 treadmill.  I have heard all about the AlterG Treadmills before so I was really excited that I finally got to try it out.   When I first got there they had me put some sweet compression/really tight shorts on that had a nice little flap on the top with a zipper.  I stepped onto the treadmill and into the chamber and then zipped myself into it.  The first thing that the treadmill did was weigh […]

How to warm your legs up REALLY fast and

October 19, 2014
IMG 9798

It feels weird to not be following some sort of training plan.  But it feels weird in a good sort of a way.  All of the miles I am doing lately are just for fun and stopping every mile or so for randomness has become the new normal.   A big happy running family.   A great way to really warm up your legs fast—>  spend the first two miles of your run going straight uphill.  Josse made up our […]

A new running experience!

October 18, 2014
IMG 9725

Well, this was a new experience. In the morning I did 7 miles at an 8:34 pace on my normal treadmill and then after lunch I got to try an Alter G —> anti-gravity treadmill for a little bit.  I have wanted to try these treadmills out for a long time.  It was awesome and it felt different than I imagined it would.  I will go more in detail about what it felt like/how it works on Monday (with a […]

Sentence per picture Friday.

October 17, 2014
IMG 1090

I’m glad they put up with me. A little exploration at the Tracy Aviary in SLC and Brooke said, ‘chirp chirp’ a million times. The looks on their faces make me very happy. Wendy’s isn’t that bad:) A little walking around Temple Square. The coolest bike we have ever seen. It isn’t physically/mentally/emotionally possible for Brooke to walk by a water fountain and not want to stop and play.   I think I am all ready for fall now.   […]

The absolute best medicine (except for the part that I tripped on a rock).

October 16, 2014
IMG 9666

Brooke and I slept at my mom’s house last night so that I could get up early and run the trails.  Ummmm my body no longer remembers how to get up and workout early anymore.  Josse and I were talking this morning about how we used to meet every morning at 5 to run…  how did we do that? Maybe someday I will be in a position to workout early again but for now I will continue to just fit […]

Part of being a human and 10 good things.

October 16, 2014
IMG 9630

My personal/non-blogged about life kind of exploded the other day and it has been a ‘put on a happy face until you put Brooke down for bed or a nap and sit on the couch and cry’ kind of a week.  Why do I share things like this… to remind you that you aren’t alone when you are going through tough stuff, life is hard sometimes. Brooke and I should have just stayed at Disneyland because life was pretty perfect […]