Sort or Silent Saturday

September 13, 2014
IMG 7822

Saying goodbye doesn’t get any easier…   A trail run.  Not so happy about the fact that it is jacket weather already. Turkey burger salad for the win. The Curly My idea of grocery shopping and a balanced diet.   Just taking a pic of her food. THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!!! For Brooke. Chalk the Block ———————————————— What is on your Saturday agenda? What is your middle name? -Nicole.

Friday Favorites

September 12, 2014
IMG 7766

Some of my favorite things lately!   -The fact that Brooke has decided that I am her couch while she watches her cartoons.  I should take this as a sign that I need to keep strengthening my glutes…  she is a little too comfortable;) -Loved seeing this sign the other day.  Eventually you can look back on life and it all makes sense.   -Having our own place.  Living at my parents’ house for a year was exactly what I […]

Time to TAPER! 22.1. And a running question for my friend Jess.

September 11, 2014
IMG 7771

I was planning on running 20 miles today but I also always love to get a 22 miler under my belt when training for a marathon.  When I hit 20 miles this morning I still felt pretty good and decided that 22.1 would be a fun way to end.  8:20 average pace (but we always pause our gamins for drink breaks/lights/random breaks).   This is our favorite drinking fountain in the world.  I don’t know what it is about this […]

26.2 side effects of marathon training.

September 11, 2014
IMG 7763

My next marathon is in about 3 weeks.  This will be my second marathon of the year and so it feels like this year there have been a lot of long runs and side effects from marathon training.  My 26.2 side effects of marathon training. 1.  You take your night-before-a-long-run meal very seriously.  Thanks Megan for going with me to Which Wich for some good carbs and protein.      2.  You do weird things like set your alarm clock […]

I need your DISNEY tips please!!!!

September 10, 2014
IMG 7735

Rest day today.   I am finally at a point in my running where I actually really listen to my body and take full rest days when I know I need them and not just when my ‘schedule’ tells me I should.   It is the weirdest phenomena that I am way more tired on the days that I don’t work out compared to the days that I get up at 5 a.m. to run…  It doesn’t really make sense. […]

10 Things That My Eyeballs Saw Last Night

September 10, 2014
IMG 7730

 New HRG Baby post—> 2 years OLD!!! ———————–  10 Things That My Eyeballs Saw Last Night. 1.  These cookies that I made.  My friend Megan sent me a picture of these cookies the other night and I knew I had to make them myself—>  candy corn on your cookies?  Doesn’t get much better.   Recipe straight from the source: “Cream together 1 cup white sugar and 1 cup brown sugar with 2 sticks of softened butter until smooth. Beat the […]


September 9, 2014

A BUNCH OF RANDOMNESS -This first tangent includes three pictures.  We went up to Ikea with our favorite California friend and bought a trillion picture frames, ate thai chicken lettuce wraps (they made a great appetizer for lunch an hour later;) and honestly, how do I say no to stuffed animals that are $5 each when Brooke is so cute with them.   -Brooke wanted to show off her Minnie Mouse PJ’s.  This was after I ran a very sweaty/hot/treadmill […]