Reebok SkyScape Giveaway!!!!

April 17, 2014
IMG 0667

Reebok sent me some crazy comfortable shoes…  The SkyScapes.  I have been wearing them all around town and on all of our walks. The SkyScapes are beyond comfortable.  They are super flexible and they fit perfectly to my feet.  They are also machine washable (which is perfect because I tend to spill everything I come in contact with). They come in a ton of fun colors (grey, purple, pink fusion, blue peak and black with pink or white)…  they also […]

Eat those hills for breakfast (or lunch or dinner if you are an afternoon/night runner).

April 17, 2014

Last Saturday we ran 20 miles of our upcoming marathon course. I have done this particular marathon before but somehow I forgot how intense the rolling hills are (kind of like child birth, you forget how painful it was afterwards so that you actually do it again). Just as you are recovering from the previous hill, you have another one to climb. Seeing as I have been running on flat paths for this entire training cycle, it is time to […]

My iPhone has some stories to tell you.

April 16, 2014
IMG 0219

Brooke is now setting fashion trends all over the nation.   She also said, “Brooke wore army pants and flip flops… So I wore army pants and flip flops..”  NAME THAT MOVIE!!! Jessie and Brooke are wearing the exact same headband.  NBD.  As you can tell I was way more excited about the sting rays than the children were. The BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST Easter candy offered:  (Second place goes to Cadbury mini eggs) My sister and I have […]


April 15, 2014
Race Pic  Universitas Race Without Border  Small Size

WOW, thank you so much to those that sent in your finish line photos.  They are all amazing and I absolutely loved reading them all (about 200 entries!!).  I can’t even tell you how many of them made me cry.  I narrowed it down to 15 for the contest today but I will be posting the others throughout the month because they are all so incredible.  You guys are truly amazing.   Go ahead and vote for your favorite picture/story […]

Was it nearly impossible for anyone else this morning to get out of bed to run?

April 14, 2014
IMG 0201

Was it nearly impossible for anyone else this morning to get out of bed to run?  I had the hardest time for some reason getting up this morning and so did Rachelle and Julia but we all agreed at mile 3.5 that we were really happy that we did get up (for those first 3.5 miles I think we were all still cursing the fact that we weren’t still in our warm beds with our eyes closed).   Just a […]

10 Tips–> How to make it through your long run and they are FINALLY back.

April 14, 2014
IMG 0180

It’s like she turned 4 years old over night.  She is talking non-stop, she understands most of what we are saying and THIS is my favorite stage ever (I know, I keep saying that about every stage but seriously, this is my favorite). The reason that I am obsessed with Sundays.  The morning we actually have time to make a real breakfast. My first round of my chocolate chip, banana and strawberry pancakes: I have the best news.  I saw […]

Running summary from last week and sharing the love of running with teenagers.

April 13, 2014
IMG 0719

52 miles total. Monday: 2.25 miles (8:31 pace) in the morning with friends and 9.75 miles (7:30 pace with last 4.25 @ 7:02 pace) at night on the treadmill. Tuesday: Not sure how much I ran around antelope island for the movie filming but maybe a mile or so?! Wednesday: 9.5 miles of trails @ 9:02 average pace. I LOVE MY TRAIL RUNNING DAYS THE MOST. Thursday: 10 miles of crazy hills @ 7:58 average pace. Leg felt like jello […]