My kind of date night.

July 28, 2015
IMG 2525

I’ve been spending every free second with a pretty awesome dude the last little bit and luckily, he loves good food just as much as I do.  We decided to turn Blue Apron meals into some pretty epic date nights for us.   Our Blue Apron meals worked perfect for date nights because all of the farm-fresh ingredients were delivered right to my doorstep (yay for avoiding the grocery store!).  Everything is sent in exactly the right proportions.  We got […]

You can do it NOW and 10 sights I am loving to see.

July 27, 2015
IMG 5518

6.5 miles this morning on my favorite running trail.  7:43 average pace and lots of trying to run in any and all of the shade that I could find.   Tomorrow’s workout.  I haven’t done Yassos in FOREVER but I do remember them hurting and being really tough.   I can be pretty talented at doubting myself in my running (umm… the whole sub 3 things scares me at times)/life/everything possible and when workouts like this one pop up I […]

A big part of our life and St. George training week #6

July 27, 2015
IMG 5480

We fed a group of 80 a bunch of cinnamon rolls, bagels with cream cheese and muffins yesterday afternoon.  There were a lot of carbs around and so I decided to start my carb-loading for my upcoming 1/2 marathon a little early with some bagels.   I can’t think of anything that smells better than cinnamon rolls baking.    Of course the watermelon-loading is always going strong for us.  My friend pointed out to me the other day that almost […]

My longest run since Boston!

July 26, 2015
IMG 5418

My craving for a good long run was satisfied yesterday.   Sixteen ‘happy feet’ miles—>  and it was my longest run since the Boston Marathon back in April.  I got back in time to get the Brookers up and I think we were both pretty thrilled to be twinners in our purple outfits.  I just need to get her some purple running shoes and then we will be golden! Just me, my tunes and some pretty great scenery.   The […]

Somewhat Silent Saturday.

July 25, 2015
IMG 5353

Friday was a rest day from running so instead of hitting the pavement in the early morning I did some yoga (part of the P90x one) at home.    We hit up Park City for some Utah holiday (Pioneer Day) fun.   Chairlift up the mountain and the Alpine Slide down.  She is becoming pro at this thing. She ate the sprinkles off of some marshmallows from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. And then we did some outlet shopping and […]

Friday Favorites!!!

July 24, 2015
IMG 5270

Let’s talk about a few of my favorite Friday things! -All I can think about for the last 3 miles of every summer run is diving into a bowl of watermelon.  Nothing tastes better than watermelon after a run (in my opinion and I am sure Monica would agree with me).  It’s a good thing that my parents’ fridge is always stocked with this red heaven.   -We plow through it. -My current repeat song as I drive around town—>  Flashlight. […]

Please share your running klutz moments with me so I don’t feel like the only uncoordinated human on the planet.

July 23, 2015
IMG 5309

The perfect storm: I was lost in my thoughts + I was listening to Justin Bieber (Where Are U Now) and signing along + I was still half asleep + I have been a klutz my entire life + an uneven sidewalk crack =  I tumbled.  Luckily, my hands took most of the fall but I banged up my knees a bit.   My pride was more hurt than anything else because there were at least 10 cars that saw […]