Our Next Adventure.

July 18, 2014
IMG 5098

My cousin picked us up yesterday and we went up to Salt Lake City to celebrate her day of birth.    That’s the state capital in the back… I like this state a lot if you haven’t been able to tell yet.  PS what did we do before filters on our iPhones? We walked around City Creek for awhile and the fountain was clearly the main event.   I promise that if you hang out with me on your birthday […]

Sentence per picture kind of a day.

July 17, 2014
IMG 5033

-Good thing she insisted on having her goggles on at the pool. -Summer, if you ever end I am going to be super grumpy about it.   -Literally, the best salad you will ever have (don’t mind the random fork of yakisoba noodles in the background).   -Two very important birthdays to be celebrated. -Turns out Yogurtland employees don’t get mad at you if you light your own candles and bring your friend’s absolute favorite brownies inside of their store. […]

The next kind of racing that I really want to get into and what NOT to eat?!?

July 16, 2014
IMG 4977

I feel like a cannon ball is really the best way to end a pool running session. 1 hour of running around in the deep end.  I have decided that races really are my biggest motivators to work out… thinking about an upcoming race is what gets me up out of bed to work out but when I am not following a training plan for a race then I hit snooze 15 times.   Refuelage with roughage.   I am […]

Getting back into the cardio scene again…

July 16, 2014
IMG 4880

Wow.  Taking a few weeks off from cardio was exactly what I needed and I was able to focus on strength training and yoga but now that I am getting back into working on my cardio… things ain’t pretty;)  I almost fell off of the stair climber this morning but somehow I lasted a full 32 minutes on that sucker.  I’ll probably start running again in a week or two but I am just trying super hard to listen to […]

Finish Line Photos–> Part 2!

July 15, 2014
Photo 6

I’ve got some more incredibly inspiring finish line photos/stories to share with you of some incredible runners!  ENJOY!!! The first race I ever ran was Oakland Running Festival’s Half Marathon in March of 2013.  I was working as a high school math teacher in Oakland and convinced 21 of my students to run the half marathon with me (their first race as well!).  We trained for 12 weeks together.  I was so excited to run this race with them.  I […]

A full running outfit (top, bottom, shoes) giveaway for your RUNNING INSPIRATION!!!

July 15, 2014
IMG 4877

But first a few things from last night: 1.  A much needed night with this girl.   2.  Brooke insists that we read ’Twas rhe Night Before Christmas every single night before bed.  We both have it memorized.   3.  Chicken pot pies with my sister and her husband. Comfort food. Gotta love it.   4.  Starting Brooke with her air hockey training at a very young age.  She’ll thank me later.  ——————————————————— I think you all know about how […]

Fun Facts Monday

July 14, 2014
IMG 4832

1.  I picked Brooke and my mom up at 2 a.m. (silly plane delays) last night from the airport.  It feels so good to have my baby girl again.   2.  Workout today—>  Josse and I hit up the pool.  I hope Brooke is okay with me borrowing her princess towel.      3.  Did you guys see THIS:    4.  Fun fact about Brooke:  She is extremely good at this duck hitting game… 35 in 90 seconds.  My high […]