In my opinion the best kind of days are the ones spent outside.  Adding in a lot of mountain time makes the day that much better. My lungs/legs/brain/soul/everything reminded me on the way up the mountain yesterday morning that it had been far too long since the last time I went on a trail run. … Continue Reading

A short walk on the treadmill next to my sister while catching up with my mom.  I did a really good job with this selfie. Did some yoga and then my sister was using the medicine ball to roll out her back.  I copied her… it felt really good. Bff cousins. Blueberry Kodiak Power Cakes … Continue Reading

Happy Friday!! I have officially decided that today is going to be a rest day from running for me and I’ll hit up some yoga instead.  I’ve got 12 miles (mostly on ((HILLY)) trails) to do tomorrow so I’m hoping for  fresh legs and a happy body to go into that run.  With each year … Continue Reading

Hello running outside, it’s sure nice to be with you again. It started out cold and then we ended up with jackets tied around our waists. Except for the part where the wind was blowing us over…. I’m very grateful she puts up with me over the 100s of miles we have been together (10 … Continue Reading

We spend a lot of our life here on this couch. Last night Brooke and I took our dear friend Lindsey out to celebrate her birthday!  We adore her. She requested these beautiful salads (chicken, rice and tortilla under there).  She wanted to show off her weird eye trick. And who knows what Brooke was doing in … Continue Reading

I’ve got some tangents today to share with you along with a workout playlist so let’s get started! *Brooke and I went to a BBQ the other night and they had our favorite sugar cookies (these ones are from Sodalicious) there waiting for us;)  We were pleasantly surprised. *JOIN US TODAY WITH BROOKS!!!! Like soon! … Continue Reading

I’ve kept you in the loop with my divorce stuff on the blog over the years so I thought I would give you an update on where I’m at so feel free to scroll through this first part if you are here for running, pics of Brooke and food. ————————————————– This last weekend was the … Continue Reading