My fastest yassos ever and taking it back to the high school days…

August 24, 2015
IMG 7463

Looks like I’ve got my own physical therapist on my hands.  It works out nicely that I have someone to massage out my legs while I stretch after a tough workout.  She really worked on my calves today. I had an hour and a half to get my workout in (before I needed to be back to get Brooke up and going) and when I walked out the door to run my garmin was dead.  Why is remembering to charge […]

I lost to a 12 year old and St. George Marathon Training Week #10

August 24, 2015
IMG 7420

Yesterday was our monthly post-church-meal (we call it munch and mingle—> clever, I know).  We put together a pretty rockin’ salad bar… we may have been a little selfish with this one and we decided to make our personal favorite meal.   It was a hit and I am guessing close to 80 people had a salad.  Just trying to spread our obsession of salad bars with everyone.   Brooke was pretty proud of her impressive artwork from church.   […]

10 Things From Our Day.

August 23, 2015
IMG 7257

1.  We spent some time at the pool.  We are trying to get in as many pool days as possible before it closes… 2.  My mom brought me a bag of my favorite peaches (from Allred Farms—>  Utah people… please try these).  I’ve already eaten 4. 3.  I ran on the treadmill for the first time in a very long time.  3 miles @ 8:34 pace.  I was bored.  Addicted to running outside now.   4.  Decorated my arms and […]

Silent Saturday–> Long Run Edition.

August 22, 2015
IMG 3412

Another long run in the books.  My dad accompanied me for the first halfish of my run in the canyon.  I love having him there with me.    Spotted some more wildlife along the way. Long run with fast finish on the schedule—>  First ten miles at around a 7:20 pace and last 8 miles at a 6:39 average pace.  The second my watch beeped 18.0 I stopped, dropped and put my feet up in the air.  I was done. […]

Switching things up and a Ray-Ban Giveaway!!!

August 21, 2015
IMG 3331

First things first—>  I’ve got a giveaway for you today!   Sunglasses Shop will be giving one lucky reader a new pair of Ray-Bans!   I’ve been sporting the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviators and I’m loving them.  They are comfortable, they keep my eyeballs protected and I love their look—>  what more could you ask for?  I’m a huge fan of Ray-Bans because they are so durable and they stay put on my face (I can’t stand it when my sunglasses […]

10 reasons to avoid cheating on your recovery days and I met the IronCowboy!

August 20, 2015
IMG 7186

When I first got into marathon training 5-6 years ago I was all about pushing myself hard every. single. day.  I thought the key to getting faster was all about going faster today than whatever I did yesterday.   I now stick to my recovery day paces after a hard run like glue and I am faster and stronger by training this way compared to my old methods.  The reason why—>  I can actually give a lot more during my […]

Five words per picture!

August 20, 2015
IMG 7146

Surprise date up to SLC. 14 seconds of complete randomness.  City Creek is our jam. She rarely stops running/jumping. 30 minute road trip snack… Deep thoughts by the stream. Cheesecake Factory bread is addicting. A 14 lb cobb salad.   Free cupcakes at J. Crew?!? We will be back soon.   Hmmmm that is really soon…. ————————————————– How many days until your next race? Favorite cupcake flavor? -Coconut frosting with chocolate cake. 5 words to describe your day… ready, set, […]