Today’s tempo run was a hot one.  I was more than ready to kick off my shoes and put my face close to the fan as soon as I was all done. 📷 cred: Brooke It has been a few weeks since my last tempo run so I decided to make Monday my tempo day … Continue Reading

I’ve got 15 pictures to share with you from our Sunday together so let’s get down to business. I’m always grateful that I pack a lot of snacks for Brooke to eat at church because I end up eating half of them. The man made us these egg burritos straight from heaven for brunch. We … Continue Reading

When we first left my parents’ house for our run Saturday morning it was lightly raining… but then right around the turnaround point it started coming down hard.  At points it was hard to open my eyes because it was raining so hard and that resulted in all sorts of Boston 2015 flashbacks;) We did … Continue Reading

Post-bath dinosaur and toddler snuggles. 8 miles @ 8:25 pace and some lovely squats, lunges and my current favorite plank routine (sharing this one next week). Errand running with my favorite sidekick. Love it when we run into my mom around town… we must think alike (or I just copy wherever she goes). Harmon’s = … Continue Reading

Let’s cover the Friday Favorites this morning! 1.  I’m stoked for a weekend full of time with this guy. 2.  Sour candy.  For some reason this stuff has sounded way better than chocolate again!?  This is what happens when you have the tastebuds of a 6 year old 3.  Favorite warmer weather clothing items these … Continue Reading

Brooke had quite the milestone—>  she had her pre-school graduation and my mom even brought her flowers for her special day. She took the whole experience very seriously and sung her little heart out during the ceremony. Have I told you before (I probably have like 200 times) that I am never moving away from my … Continue Reading

  **I’ve got quite the deal for you at the end of this post (35% off your first bundle with The Honest Company) so don’t even think about missing out on it! I’ve always loved being outside (I mean, I think most people do right?!) but it is especially fun for me to be outside … Continue Reading