Was it nearly impossible for anyone else this morning to get out of bed to run?

April 14, 2014
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Was it nearly impossible for anyone else this morning to get out of bed to run?  I had the hardest time for some reason getting up this morning and so did Rachelle and Julia but we all agreed at mile 3.5 that we were really happy that we did get up (for those first 3.5 miles I think we were all still cursing the fact that we weren’t still in our warm beds with our eyes closed).   Just a […]

10 Tips–> How to make it through your long run and they are FINALLY back.

April 14, 2014
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It’s like she turned 4 years old over night.  She is talking non-stop, she understands most of what we are saying and THIS is my favorite stage ever (I know, I keep saying that about every stage but seriously, this is my favorite). The reason that I am obsessed with Sundays.  The morning we actually have time to make a real breakfast. My first round of my chocolate chip, banana and strawberry pancakes: I have the best news.  I saw […]

Running summary from last week and sharing the love of running with teenagers.

April 13, 2014
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52 miles total. Monday: 2.25 miles (8:31 pace) in the morning with friends and 9.75 miles (7:30 pace with last 4.25 @ 7:02 pace) at night on the treadmill. Tuesday: Not sure how much I ran around antelope island for the movie filming but maybe a mile or so?! Wednesday: 9.5 miles of trails @ 9:02 average pace. I LOVE MY TRAIL RUNNING DAYS THE MOST. Thursday: 10 miles of crazy hills @ 7:58 average pace. Leg felt like jello […]

Not my most favorite 20 miles ever.

April 13, 2014
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There was a reason I was nervous for my 20 miler.  The reason was that I knew going into it that it was going to really hurt.  My stomach just did not like Thailand and it is still acting up so there were some definite stops during this run but I am glad I finished even though I wanted a stomach transplant for 95% of the run.     20 miles—> around a 7:20 average pace (I forgot to push […]

Nervous about the long run and true love.

April 12, 2014
IMG 0060

No running for me on Friday morning.  We are running TWENTY MILES today (with 8-10 of them at marathon pace) and so I wanted to save my legs for this morning.  Honestly, I am kind of really nervous for this run.   I feel like (who knows if it is true or not) I lost a good amount of fitness while in Thailand and during the food poisoning saga and I wonder if my legs will know how to do […]

The PROS and cons of running with other people.

April 11, 2014
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These two tricked me.   They said that we were going to run 10 miles and I think that they mentioned something about some hills but NOTHING about the 1.4 miles of straight uphill.   I don’t even know how they found the road of torture (what I named the beast of a hill) but they did and they made me run up it.  All of our legs were shaking once we reached the top… fine, I am glad that […]

Top 10 Things I Love About Being Single

April 10, 2014
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Brinner is always a good idea.  I met someone the other day that told me that they didn’t like breakfast foods and it actually hurt my heart to hear such a thing. Speaking of Breakfast foods, Brooke now knows how to get into the pantry and bring out the boxes of cereal.  I don’t remember if I ever did a formal review on the chocolate FMWs——> STICK TO THE CLASSIC FMWs.  The chocolate= no (in my expert FMW opinion) but […]