Sort of Silent Saturday.

March 28, 2015
IMG 8024

Made it to California and the first stop was to see Bangs Friend. Baby Bangs should be here any day now. Actually, our very first stop once our plane landed was to Chipotle because I am in love with their burrito bowls. Rehearsal dinner! Sliders for din din and the parmesan fries were to die for. My favorite couple. Frosting.  Frosting.  Frosting.   A karaoke dance party for a solid 2 hours. DJ Purple did a great job. Back to […]

Would you rather—> Running Edition.

March 27, 2015
IMG 7962

Two more things from yesterday’s long run. 1.  We found a heavenly drinking fountain at mile 16 of our long run.  I think because I run on the treadmill so often with my water bottle so close to me I have gotten used to drinking water throughout my entire run.  Finding this drinking fountain saved me.   I loved Rachelle’s t-shirt with an angry runner bunny on the front and so I had to take a picture and post it.  […]

Now that was an entertaining 22 miles….

March 26, 2015
IMG 7960

22 miles @ 8:06 average pace.  Boston, we are coming for you.   3 things made this run extremely entertaining: 1.  The conversation.  You’d think that you would run out of things to say at some point during our three hours of running together but nope.  We couldn’t talk fast enough to get it all in.   2.  Not that I am house hunting I am super aware of every house that we run by and what I like about […]

Lists of three.

March 26, 2015
IMG 7908

3 Things We Did Last Night: 1.  Went and saw Les Mis with a group of friends.  This was my second time seeing this play and I cried just as much as I did the first time.  Amazing.     2.  Ate some delicious candy during above mentioned play.     3.  Set my alarm clock for a ridiculously early hour, laid out all of my running gear and charged the good ol’ electronics.  Just part of the long run […]

Like 95% of my blog posts, this is a random/all over the place one.

March 25, 2015
IMG 7844

-The best piece of advice I have received in years: I am glad that everyone else in the universe agrees with me that pink starbursts are a million times better than the yellow ones.  - Tina sent on over this little graph of the Boston course elevation.  My legs actually burn (even though I am sitting down) just looking at mile 21.  This is the source of the overview of the marathon course and they have a great breakdown of all of […]

8 things that happen to me during the taper and some stuff from last night.

March 25, 2015
IMG 7831

We picked up Lindsey yesterday for a night out on the town.   Brooke has a weird obsession with candles… I have no idea where she gets that from;) Put Brooke to bed and then it was ice cream for me while watching House Hunters.  Brooke has me hooked on sprinkles.   I am pretty sure I need to get this for Brooke like right now.  This isn’t a picture from last night but it just makes me happy.   […]

Some balancing tips and what made the miles fly by!

March 24, 2015
IMG 7792

Today I am sharing my tips for balancing being a busy running mom!  I’ve got a pretty big responsibility over here—>  I’m in charge of showing Brooke the world and loving her to pieces.  I spend my days helping her to learn and grow.  I put in a good amount of time into blogging (and some new fun projects coming out in a few months), my family and marathon training makes sure to keep me on my toes!  Here are […]