Race Recaps

5k Recap and Lasagna Recap.

February 17, 2014
IMG 8027

We met at 8 to get in a few miles of easy running (we got two in) and do other really cool things like pass around a bottle of 5 hour energy.  That stuff is the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted.   I ate a small bowl of cereal at around 7:40 and as I was leaving I spilled a diet coke that I had left on the counter from the day before all over the entire kitchen. […]

Ragnar Recap (aka a million pictures)

November 11, 2013
IMG 3397

Total miles I ran—-> 24 Average pace for the 4 legs——>  7:15 ——————————– I knew I was going to have fun at the Vegas Ragnar but I really had no idea how much fun I would have.   First, let’s talk about the van.  Most teams with 12 members have two vans for the team and all of their gear.  We just had one huge one. Pros of one van:  I didn’t miss out on a thing.  I got to […]

Halloween 1/2 Marathon Recap.

October 27, 2013

The race didn’t start until 9 a.m. so it was kind of nice to ‘sleep in’ a little before getting out the door to race.  We met at the mall to jump on the busses and they took us to the canyon for the point to point course.  It was cold at the start but luckily we weren’t standing around for very long at before the gun went off.  The Provo Halloween 1/2 Marathon course changed about a week ago…. […]

Runner’s World 1/2 Marathon Race Recap

October 21, 2013
IMG 2737

5ks and 10ks are fun (in a painful kind of way) but my true love is the 1/2 marathon.  I think it is the perfect race for me because it takes me about 6 miles to truly feel warmed up (I am a distance girl…sprinting is not my thang… I have been saying thang a little too much lately) and the recovery time after a 1/2 marathon is way faster than the recovery from the marathon (I still love the […]

1/2 Marathon Race Recap

August 11, 2013
DSC 5619

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments yesterday, you made my day! ————————————————————– First off, this course is definitely a PR course, there was uphill portions and strong head winds at points but overall it was a very easy FAST course.  Between the high elevation that I am still adjusting to and running this race on really tired legs (I did two speed workouts this past week and no taper) I am really thrilled with my time […]

A new half-marathon pr

August 10, 2013
DSC 5525

I had a great race this morning!  I wasn’t even sure I was going to run this race or not until my alarm clock went off this morning and I woke up excited to run.  I am really glad I did. Rachelle (in the back, she peeled off to the side for the finish… wasn’t running the race but saw me at mile 7 while she was out on her run and then somehow I convinced her to pace me […]

Santa Cruz Firecracker 10k Race Recap

July 5, 2013
DSC 4587

Before we talk about the race recap I have to show you my favorite race outfits from yesterday.  Awesome. I found out the hard way yesterday that I actually was signed up for  a trail 10k.  Okay, so it was a little more than half trail and then the rest were roads but over the 6.2 miles we climbed 950 feet.  I didn’t take my phone with me so the only picture I have of the actual race is this […]