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Would I do it all over again or skip over the hard part?

I had a really good discussion over a large ice cream sundae with Sarah (while I was in Thailand last month) about the last 6 years of my life and she asked me, “If you had the choice…  Would you do it all over again or choose to skip over the the hardest time of your … Continue Reading

Running IS My Sanity–> My VIDEO with JAYBIRD! As you can tell, I am a little excited about this.

Remember a few weeks when I went to Antelope Island to do a filming project with Jaybird?  It is finished!  My mom is very proud of me and I am pretty sure she has already watched it ten times:) Here it is: You can also find the shortened version on JAYBIRD’S INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT and MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT !! … Continue Reading

Top 10 Things I Love About Being Single

Brinner is always a good idea.  I met someone the other day that told me that they didn’t like breakfast foods and it actually hurt my heart to hear such a thing. Speaking of Breakfast foods, Brooke now knows how to get into the pantry and bring out the boxes of cereal.  I don’t remember … Continue Reading

10 (actually 12 but 10 sounds better) Things Getting Me Through A Divorce

I have received a few emails recently asking about how I am coping with my divorce (or how to get through tough times). Talking about this in a public way is always really hard for me but I figure there are many in my same circumstance and I hope to be able to help at … Continue Reading

Thank goodness for time.

This last weekend marked the 6 month date from the day that I filed for divorce. I spent a lot of time over the last few days really thinking about things (I have mastered the skill of not thinking about painful things really well but every now and then I can’t stop thinking about it … Continue Reading

When it isn’t convenient.

And another post where I probably over share Lately I have been really thinking a lot about how to become the person that I want to be. It happens when it isn’t convenient. It is easy to be kind to people when life is easy and going perfectly.   It is really easy to be … Continue Reading

Running makes us better at life.

I actually do have the best siblings on the planet.  I get to see my sister almost daily which is awesome and even though my brothers don’t live close they have each called me almost every single day (and some days multiple times a day) since everything happened.   I told you, they are the … Continue Reading