Video from Vaca #2. I like this one a lot.

October 8, 2014

Today is our last day at Disney and then we are driving back to Utah (and I will be back to normal blogging ((aka pictures of salads, running clothes and treadmills))!  Here are a few clips from yesterday and yes, Brooke insisted on eating her popcorn with her spoon. SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!

26.2 side effects of marathon training.

September 11, 2014
IMG 7763

My next marathon is in about 3 weeks.  This will be my second marathon of the year and so it feels like this year there have been a lot of long runs and side effects from marathon training.  My 26.2 side effects of marathon training. 1.  You take your night-before-a-long-run meal very seriously.  Thanks Megan for going with me to Which Wich for some good carbs and protein.      2.  You do weird things like set your alarm clock […]

I did it.

June 14, 2014
IMG 3196

I have 1,000,000 thoughts about today and I don’t really even know where to start but I do have one really important thing to say. Thanks Sissy. I saw her at mile 20.5 and just hugged her and cried for at least a minute telling her how I couldn’t finish (not because of my injury but for a few things I will tell you about later). She looked at me and then said, ‘Let’s do this.’ She ran from 20.5-26.2 […]

Would I do it all over again or skip over the hard part?

May 19, 2014
IMG 1606

I had a really good discussion over a large ice cream sundae with Sarah (while I was in Thailand last month) about the last 6 years of my life and she asked me, “If you had the choice…  Would you do it all over again or choose to skip over the the hardest time of your whole life?” What did I learn?  How did I grow?  Were the lessons and growth worth the pain?  I have thought about it like crazy […]

Running IS My Sanity–> My VIDEO with JAYBIRD! As you can tell, I am a little excited about this.

May 17, 2014

Remember a few weeks when I went to Antelope Island to do a filming project with Jaybird?  It is finished!  My mom is very proud of me and I am pretty sure she has already watched it ten times:) Here it is: You can also find the shortened version on JAYBIRD’S INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT and MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT !! Enjoy your Saturday!!  Get in a beautiful run for me today and I will run a few miles in the local rec center pool just […]

Top 10 Things I Love About Being Single

April 10, 2014
DSC 0102

Brinner is always a good idea.  I met someone the other day that told me that they didn’t like breakfast foods and it actually hurt my heart to hear such a thing. Speaking of Breakfast foods, Brooke now knows how to get into the pantry and bring out the boxes of cereal.  I don’t remember if I ever did a formal review on the chocolate FMWs——> STICK TO THE CLASSIC FMWs.  The chocolate= no (in my expert FMW opinion) but […]

10 (actually 12 but 10 sounds better) Things Getting Me Through A Divorce

March 4, 2014
Screenshot 2014 03 03 21 10 20

I have received a few emails recently asking about how I am coping with my divorce (or how to get through tough times). Talking about this in a public way is always really hard for me but I figure there are many in my same circumstance and I hope to be able to help at least one other woman find peace and a way to cope with things even though it is hard for me to talk about this kind […]