The Friday Fifteen!!!

October 9, 2015

1.  Yesterday’s run was a step up compared to Wednesday’s run.  A) I felt better.  B) I had your AMAZING stress management comments (thank you… I read EVERY comment and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your experience/tips with me) to think about while I was running.  C) It is October which means the temperatures are perfection.  

I just did a small loop over and over again to make sure I didn’t get too far away from my car just in case I needed to stop.  

IMG 0113

2.  Mr. Garmin, we meet again.   I’m sure you have missed my garmin pictures on the blog the last little while.  

IMG 0107

3.   Trying to get in some more park days for Brooke before it snows.  Sorry, gotta run—>  the The Phoenix Marathon/half-marathon gave these hoodies out a few years ago!

IMG 0147  1 

4.   Brooke’s favorite after school snack = apples and almond butter.  Atta girl (atta girl/boy is a pretty huge compliment we get from my dad so clearly I am pretty proud of her and her favorite snack).  

IMG 4197

5.  Spent some time at my mom’s house and Brooke entertained us with her acrobatics.  

 IMG 0127

6.  Brooke helped Lindsey out to take some of our pictures the other day… I don’t know why the peace sign is my automatic posing move but it just happens.

IMG 0191

7.  Come visit us in Utah already.  

IMG 4392

8.  You know you have a good sister when she will go through your hair and get the grey hairs out for you.  I know you aren’t supposed to pull them out but we just can’t help ourselves.  

IMG 0119

9.  My next round of shirts/tanks will be available soon!  I’m pretty darn excited to show you them!

IMG 0135

10.  Brooke has a pretty incredible trail mix recipe for you that she made at school the other day:

IMG 4192

Pretzels, candy corn (I haven’t had any yet this season… I don’t even know who I am anymore), marshmallows, chex and animal crackers.  PS if you are a candy corn person please mix a bag of candy corn with a bunch of salted peanuts (I prefer two-three peanuts for every one candy corn) and eat them.  The person that shared this combination first with me has received many ‘thank you’ texts over the last few years because of it.  

IMG 4193

11.  I got this text from one of my really good friends.  It gave me goosebumps.  Running brings me so much confidence and a huge feeling of accomplishment and I LOVE when it does the same for the people that I love.  

IMG 0121

12.  Target sells these and you can freeze them or microwave them and roll your feet out on them.  Treat yo’ feet because we sure put a lot of stress on them with all of our running!

 IMG 0153

13.  A reader yesterday recommended watching THIS episode of Brené Brown and Oprah and I loved it.  I have read two of her books and they are amazing.  Something that she said on the episode that I love was about the thing we are all searching for—>  “The sense of I am enough and my imperfection doesn’t change that.”  

Screen Shot 2015 10 08 at 9 44 03 PM

14.  When something actually sounds good lately… I go for it.  And this hit the spot I think. 

 IMG 0154

15.  Our weekend plans include a pumpkin patch, lots of relaxing on the couch, maybe bumping up my run to 7 miles on Saturday if I am feeling good and my nephew’s birthday party.   A much better weekend than last weekend:)


What are your weekend plans?

Any food that sounds really good to you right now?

Do you prefer butter popcorn or kettle corn?

What runs do you have scheduled for this weekend?

A slice of humble pie and how the heck do you deal with stress?

October 8, 2015
IMG 0014

3 miles on the treadmill…. They felt a little like the below picture though:)  The nausea stuff is still happening throughout the day but that wasn’t the problem on the treadmill… I just realized it might be a longer road back to building back up my strength/endurance again.  But that is okay.  I’m ready for a challenge (while at the same time putting my health first and following what my doctor/coach tells me to do).   I felt like I […]

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October 7, 2015
IMG 9991

Things are feeling better around here (not sure if it is the anti-nausea medicine or things actually getting better but I’ll take it…) and so I’ve got some highlights from the day. 1.  I put on real clothes (hasn’t really happened much in a while) and got to go out to Chef’s Table.    2.  I ate non-blah food and I didn’t die.  This watermelon salad spoke to my heart.  I am not sure what foods make my body go […]


October 6, 2015
IMG 9953

But first, a few random pictures. Got a box of running goodies from RUNLOVEBOX and I can’t wait to try it all out:)   I don’t know how I forgot to share this picture but that is DAVID ARCHULETA behind me.  I wanted to ask him to sing Glorious for me but I somehow refrained.   Fall in Utah really is the best.     Puppy cuddles.   ————————————————————- Every time that I have a running setback (i.e. injuries, sickness causing […]

Tuesday Tangents and it is pretty precious….

October 6, 2015
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-Brooke and I were staring at the clouds and then I asked her to take a picture with me.  This was her response to my request: -My mom had 10 of her grandkids over the other day… Brooke was in heaven. -This candle from Bath and Body is kind of a must at this time of year.   -My sister’s baby has a sore on his big toe.  Why does he have a sore on his big toe?  Because he […]

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I have someone super special for you today  Rachelle is one of the most supportive, generous, kind, caring, service-oriented, talented humans on the planet. The world needs a lot more Rachelles.  PS I did pay her to say the below nice things about me. ————————————- Hi Hungry Runner readers! My name is Rachelle and you may recognize me from a few appearances on Janae’s blog.  I wish you could each meet Janae in real life because she really is just […]

The Sunday Ten.

October 4, 2015
IMG 9866

1.  So this might be the sweetest thing there ever was.  My really good friend Heather had her St. George people make this sign to have at the race.  It seriously made my day.  PS I am so proud of my friends that ROCKED it yesterday! 2.  The other night when I put Brooke to bed she was sitting up.  When I came in to check on her later she had her stuffed animals on her back while she was […]