Another day of preschool in the books.  She still tells me that she learned all about dinosaurs each time I ask her when I pick her up… she is going to be a Paleontologist before we know it.

Also, I took your advice and made sure everything was all ready to go the night before and it made this morning go a lot more smoothly.  What would I do without you guys?

IMG 8006

While she learned about dinosaurs, I ran around town for 4 miles @ an 8:37 average pace.  My legs were toast from Wednesday’s workout so those four miles were anything but easy.  They will be recovered in time for 22 miles tomorrow though right?

IMG 8027

I went straight to Target afterwards to refill on Brooke’s current favorite…

IMG 8031

And I picked up my current Target favorite too…

IMG 5808

Oh and some yogurt for me too so that I could top it with two cut up peaches and graham cracker.  

IMG 8077

There were some emails, writing of tomorrow’s post, SHIRT DESIGNING STUFF (the next one comes out soon:) and cleaning before picking up my sidekick.  

We met up with my mom and Brooke and I showed up kind of matching.  This time I really didn’t do it on purpose.  I didn’t realize we were both sporting striped dresses until I was picking her up from school.  Subconsciously I have a matching problem.

Also, I’m trying to teach her the peace sign which is something else I have a problem doing all of the time without really even thinking about it.

IMG 8044

My mom and I told Brookers that she could just put her hands in the water because we had somewhere to go right after.

It worked the first time….

IMG 8050

But definitely not the second time.  

IMG 8066

And then we came home and had lunch.  Brooke requested ‘mama’s favorite book’ to be read while she ate.  Not even being dramatic—>  this book makes me cry every. single. time. I read it.  SO MANY good lessons in it.

IMG 8085

And now I am here talking to you with Brooke on my lap.  The one and only time I have an excuse for all of my normal typos.  

Photo on 9 3 15 at 3 17 PM  3

Random thing from the other day—> when I asked Brooke for some of her gummy bears she passed up the worst flavors.  She already knows that red and green gummy bears are where the money is at.

IMG 7633


What are a few things from your Thursday so far????

Sentence Per Picture.

September 3, 2015
IMG 7956

-Girlfriend has some serious trampoline skills and gymnastics is starting very soon (gymnastics was the bribe that actually got potty training rolling).   -Quiet time was a little too quiet so when I went in to check on her she was snoozing on the ground with her blanket and pillow that she must have taken out of her crib (she loves her crib, doesn’t try to climb out and I don’t have to worry about her roaming the apartment in […]


September 2, 2015
IMG 7927

Got in some pretty great chest presses post run.   Okay, really I just stayed on the ground at my parents’ house for a solid 30 minutes because I was so tired after this morning’s run.  Brooke kept wanting to be thrown up in the air.  This is as high as she got.   Today’s workout had me nervous for the last week (when my coach posted it).  I told you earlier today that I have just been feeling flat […]

When the motivation fades a bit—> Just know that it is normal.

September 2, 2015
IMG 7885

The outdoor pools are closing here real soon so we are trying to get in some serious swim practicing before they do.    Her look of determination while practicing her kicking just makes me happy.  The pool also brought along some great running talk with this speedy friend of mine—>  she runs track and cross country for BYU.  Her mom will be running the St. George Marathon in just a few weeks too.  WHO ELSE WILL BE THERE for the […]

A great day to be in the mountains and TUESDAY TANGENTS!

September 1, 2015
IMG 7859

It had been way too long since my last trail run… My coach scheduled in 5 miles at an 8:00 average pace (I ended up with a 7:59 average pace because I am weird like that and try to end just a tiny bit faster than what he tells me to do) and so it was the perfect day to get off the roads for 40 minutes.   It was pretty hot out by the time I started but the […]

Take advantage, St. George Marathon Training Week #11 and a video!!!

September 1, 2015
IMG 7766

I must have missed the memo that we were going in for Eskimo kisses for our post-run picture.   I met with an old friend Monday morning… it had been awhile since our last rendezvous.   I was quickly reminded (about 10 minutes into our get-together) about why we don’t see each other very much lately.  I’m way more into outdoor running this training cycle. 20 minutes warm-up (around an 8:00 pace), 10 x 1 minute @ 5:39 pace with […]

Meal Planning for Runners!

August 31, 2015
IMG 3478

One of my coach’s favorite things to tell me is—>  Junk in = junk out.  He constantly reminds me that if I am eating junk, then my workouts are going to suffer and feel like junk.  On the other hand, I can choose to eat fuel that will help me on my runs and reap the benefits.  One of those benefits being hitting my paces and having some great feeling runs.   Blue Apron helps me to enjoy balanced meals […]