Monday Matters!!!

March 2, 2015

-Brooke calls this my ABC shirt.

It will always be my favorite base layer for when I run.  This thing keeps me incredibly warm which is strange because it has a million little wholes.  

IMG 6382

-Our love for candy is genetic.  My aunt showed me her car candy stash yesterday and shared a 3 Musketeers with me.  

IMG 6493 2

-I sure lucked out to have this girl live so close to me.  Most of our friends are married so we get to experience all of the dating ups and downs together…  We need to start a separate blog about dating because it sure is an interesting world.  

IMG 6477 2

50 Pictures That Look Just Like Your Childhood made me extremely happy.

-Every morning when I was little my mom and I would watch The Price is Right while she was doing her workout on the treadmill at home.   Good memories and I hope to play Plinko someday.

Screen Shot 2015 03 02 at 9 27 00 AM

-Yeah, I remember attempting to run with one of these when I was 14 and having my songs skip more than actually play.

Screen Shot 2015 03 02 at 9 26 44 AM

-It is strange, when I am marathon training I have dreams about loaves of bread.  

IMG 6204

-I got really excited when I opened my email to see that Netflix had a movie for me to watch… and then I opened it and realized they were recommending Curious George for me.    

IMG 6487

-I ate a ridiculous amount of Frosted Mini Wheats when I was pregnant with Brooke and she is still in love with them.  She asks for them every time we go to my mom’s house.  

IMG 6529

-Today I had another runner’s pet peeve occur to me.  My tank kept riding up the entire run.  I probably had to adjust it every .1 miles.  I finally just tucked my shirt in and pulled the drawstring nice and tight.  It looked really cool. 

IMG 6508

-9 miles @ 8:34 pace while reading THIS book…  I have read Andie’s blog for years.  She is an incredible woman and writer.  

IMG 6445


What book(s) are you reading right now?  Do you recommend them?

What was your last dream (that you can remember) about?  Do you remember your dreams often?

What are some of your Monday Matters?

Price is Right fan?  What game would you choose to play?

Sunday was the best part and Boston training week #9

March 2, 2015
IMG 6500 2

I hope your weekend was a great one!  Our Sunday was the best part of our weekend for many reasons.  One of those main reasons—>  It was a much needed rest day from any and all physical activity besides walking to my car.   We started off with church.   For dinner we drove up north for my cousin’s bday celebration.  I always look forward to his birthday because he is one of those really smart people that requests brinner […]

Pictures with Captions Post #2

March 1, 2015
Screen Shot 2015 02 28 at 3 59 45 PM

Post-Run Power Exercises found HERE! What Pandora stations are your favorites? What is one of your running pet peeves? How did you spend your Saturday night?

Running is quite the roller coaster.

February 28, 2015
IMG 6377

Clearly we were all in a super great mood yesterday.   We met where we wanted to finish our run and then drove up together to where we wanted to start so we could do a point to point run.  We started clear up a canyon and ran back to our cars.  I always underestimate how long it takes me to recover after a race because my legs are still pretty tired after the half last weekend.   The crew […]

Sharing the Love & I wonder why I’m not remarried’…

February 27, 2015
IMG 6343

It had been way too long since my last date with my niece (aka Brooke’s twin).   Side note—> I highly recommend getting your car detailed if you can anytime soon.  It feels like my car is hugging me every time I get in now and I no longer have sticky shoes (a gu exploded on the carpet in my car 2 weeks ago and somehow the detailing people got it all out).  We first went to visit a friend […]

How does ‘it’ affect your running?

February 26, 2015
IMG 6298

But first—>  a few scenes from today! My cute friend (we worked together at a sushi restaurant for years) that is 36 weeks pregnant is continuing to rock it at spin.   One of the million reasons that I love spin= it is such a great workout, you get to sweat and it is pretty easy on your body (aka low-impact).  I also taught or went to spin classes throughout my entire pregnancy!   After I run it takes me […]

Thursday Things!

February 26, 2015
IMG 6278

Late yesterday afternoon I just did not feel super great and my couch became my new best friend (well, it is always my best friend). My mom and dad came and took Brooke out to dinner so that she could get out and party for a bit.  PS someday I will put batteries in my wall clock but until then it will always be 10:15 at our house. While they went to dinner I watched one of the best movies […]