We finished our 10 miles before the sun came up and apparently I was wide awake by the end judging by how I was opening my eyes as big as possible for the picture.  We were both exhausted on this run so we kept it nice and slow (still not wearing my garmin so I have no idea what our speed was).  It was abnormally warm this morning which always happens right before it gets freezing cold here in Utah.  Boo.

IMG 0047

And then I came home to my favorite cheeks in the world.

IMG 0052

Another fall tradition for us (well, this is the second year in a row that we have gone).

IMG 0004

It is at Thanksgiving Point and it was a real good time.

IMG 0007

Fast forward to the James Bond themed party—>  I brought my favorite apple dip in the world!  

2 packages of cream cheese

1 cup brown sugar

1/2-1 bag of skor bits (by the chocolate chips at the grocery store).

Mix it all together really well and enjoy.  

IMG 0057

The food was all incredible!  We drove up to a cabin that was about 90 minutes away and it was so fun to be in new surroundings.

IMG 0067

The only pic of us that I have so far from last night!  When Megan posts the rest I will steal them and post them.  It was a good time.  I stayed up way past my bedtime.  I’m going to need a nap today.  

IMG 0073

I hope you have an incredible Saturday!  Get in a good run mmmkay?!

5 words per picture round 32.

October 24, 2014
IMG 9996

She gives some good kisses. Fall, stop being so perfect. Been craving this big time. Fall nails and dry skin:) Largest teddy bears for sale. Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!! We went to visit Leo. For tonight’s ‘James Bond’ party: No filter- the real deal: Guess what we’re doing today. Happens all of the time. ——————————————– What are your 5 words for today?! What type brand of bread do you normally buy?  Anyone make their own bread? Who has a […]

Maybe I should do a triathlon and aqua jog during the swimming portion.

October 23, 2014
IMG 0011

Too bad that triathlons involve swimming because I really like the other two parts of the whole ordeal.  Or maybe I could just pool run with my super attractive aqua jogging belt during the swimming portion of the tri.   I taught spin this morning but first I ran a few miles on the treadmill.  I had to change in between because I can only wear shorts when I run on a treadmill because I overheat but I need capris […]

Fueling/hydration so that you don’t hit the wall!

October 23, 2014
IMG 9965

But first, last night. When Brooke woke up from her nap, the first thing she did was tell me exactly what she wanted to do: 1.  Ride her bike and take a selfie (okay, the selfie part was my idea). 2.  Eat broccoli.  (I can’t make this stuff up, okay actually I probably could but seriously… she woke up and told me broccoli and insisted on watching it while it roasted).  My trail running buddy is recovering like a champ […]

HR= 200, getting the winter running gear ready to go and a question for YOU!!!

October 22, 2014
IMG 9929

Good thing the black and white filter doesn’t let you see that my face was bright red/blotchy/sweaty from the crazy class I took.  It is called sports conditioning and it always kicks my trash.  I like to think that I am in shape because of all of the running but then I go to this class and I quickly realize that running shape and sports conditioning class shape are not the same thing.   The class is full of 2-3 […]

Running—-> Enduring Well.

October 22, 2014
IMG 9907

But first, three things that made me happy and a birthday party. 1.  Some of our Halloween decorations.  It has been fun starting completely fresh in our new place and decorating the way I like to decorate… like a gold glitter skull on the table. 2.  My friend was right, baking treats for other people is always a good idea.  My apartment still smells amazing many hours later.   3.  The amount of joy that Brooke gets from wearing her […]

Random Stories from my iPhone!

October 21, 2014
IMG 9755

 Lots of randomness coming your way. -Brooke has been nailing her track workouts lately. I am a proud mom.   -She is REALLY into coloring all of the sudden. -Soooo that time I fell on the trail… ummm I am starting to realize how lucky I am that I didn’t break my arm judging by the bruise/swelling.  My arm was the first thing to hit the ground when I fell.  My advice to you is to refrain from falling.   […]