Happy Weekend!!

IMG 2359

Friday started off with a very good feeling run—>  first 40 minutes moderate pace and last 20 minutes fast (for me… 6:50 pace). 8.1 miles @ 7:24 average.  

IMG 2233

I am loving shopping for a little boy now too.

IMG 2239

Pool date and Brooke played with Candice’s cute girls.

IMG 2247

I tried out some new Oreo flavors… the classic ones are still #1.  

IMG 2250

Brooke left until Sunday.

IMG 2195

Date night with Andrew at my favorite= BLACK SHEEP CAFE.

Started off with the heavenly cactus pear lemonade.

IMG 2331

And then had the most delicious burgers.

IMG 2355

Sweet potato fries.  They deserve a close-up.

IMG 2356

A random rain shower from one little cloud above us.

IMG 2358

 Walked around Provo and ate some ice cream by the Provo City Center Temple. 

IMG 2361

And then we hung out at Home Depot for a few hours.  We are all set to go!

IMG 2362


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Happy Wednesday!! The highlight of their day was this: After my treadmill run we went over to Mer’s house to make smoothies and talk with her.  She is the best. The kids were thrilled to see her. Lunch was this huge salad.  I am not picky with salads… I could put anything on there and … Continue Reading

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