Friday mornings we sleep in and then do a little yoga and some squats/lunges.  

IMG 3901

Salad on my sister’s porch.  

IMG 3912

Deltoids for dayzzzzzz…..

IMG 3913

Started the holiday weekend by celebrating at the pool.

IMG 3918

Shared a slurpee on the way home.

IMG 3929

Met back up with the crew for a wild and crazy Friday night.

IMG 3935

Megan’s mom and I showed up in the same dress and that made my night.

IMG 3955

 Brooke’s ‘can we please take this home’ face.  

IMG 3941

S’mores ice cream with the parentals.  My mom didn’t like it so I made sure to eat her bowl too.

 IMG 3956

14 miles on the schedule today.  The ten middle ones are speedy.  Let’s just hope the above s’mores ice cream had some magic mixed in it to help these tired legs of mine to go:)


What’s on your schedule today?

-running, parade, donuts, fireworks. 

An important event and running tips you NEED to read.

July 3, 2015
IMG 2211

Our friends filled us in on a very important event that goes down at one of our local froyo joints.  From the hours of 2-4 pm on Thursday afternoons you can fill up one of their cups as much as you want for only $3.99…  normally you pay by the ounce.  I am positive we had a solid $8 of froyo/toppings in there so we were pretty happy about the deal we were getting.  Brooke had the sprinkle half and […]

One of those ‘lie down on the sidewalk because you are so tired workouts.’ I can. I will. I am.

July 2, 2015
IMG 3840

It’s been a long time since I hung out on the sidewalk for a bit because I was beat after finishing my workout.   This week has been a tough week of workouts because we are doing a cycle of 3 weeks of buildup followed by 1 week of recovering (next week—>  mileage/intensity cut down).  The workout itself was tough but the combination of this week’s workouts leading up to it made it feel extra hard.   I texted my […]

It is amazing how LONG a minute can feel when you are sprinting up a hill.

July 2, 2015
IMG 2202

But first, 9 things we’ve been up to lately: -Sushi last night because we are hooked.   -Thai Lettuce Wraps to start.   -Did I ever tell you my wasabi story?  When I worked at this restaurant as a waitress (I told you, I worked at a lot of restaurants) I was dared to eat a little ball of wasabi all by itself…. money was involved and my rent check was due the next day.  So I ate it.  I […]

Nothing like starting your day with 30 minutes of pain and pancakes.

July 1, 2015
IMG 3717

Let’s rewind to Tuesday morning——>  My run was 30 minutes long and it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.   My coach’s instructions for the run:   “Start with dynamic drills first.  To find your Lactic Threshold Heart Rate do a 30-minute time trial all by yourself outside on a flat course – the track is a good place to do this. No training partners and not in a race.  Again, it should be done as if it […]

Something we can ALL try to do to improve our running and our health!

June 30, 2015
IMG 3731

As you know, I am working really hard to catch some of my dreams.  I want a sub 3 marathon really bad and I am going to do what it takes to get there.     I am doing my running workouts, making sure to strength train, attempting to clean up my diet (progress, not perfection;) and working hard on my mental strength.   There is something else though that is going to make a HUGE difference in my running […]

Giveaway (5 winners!!!) for my new favorite sunglasses and Brooke keeps me injury free.

June 30, 2015
IMG 3397 2

A good friend of mine created Vacay Sunglasses and sent me a few to try out.  I fell in love with the glasses right away and asked him if I could do a giveaway because I wanted to share their amazingness with you. Vacay Sunglasses theme that I love—>  LIVE MORE AND WORK LESS. The classic matte plum are my absolute favorite.   Sunglasses usually leave lines on the top of my nose after I wear them for a while […]