In my opinion the best kind of days are the ones spent outside.  Adding in a lot of mountain time makes the day that much better.

My lungs/legs/brain/soul/everything reminded me on the way up the mountain yesterday morning that it had been far too long since the last time I went on a trail run.

This is my happy place.

IMG 6457

Top 5 reasons I love trail running:

1.  The views—>  HOW DO YOU BEAT THESE VIEWS!?

2.  You are far far away from cars/stoplights/noise/all of the people.

3.  You get in a ton of hill work and for some reason it is way more fun for me to climb trail hills than road hills.

4.  It strengthens your legs like nothing else (those stabilizer muscles get some good work in on all of the uneven surfaces) and the soft dirt makes my joints very happy.

5.  I finish and feel hardcore.

IMG 6460

We finished up with 12 miles total for the day and I used my running partner’s Garmin Vivoactive for the second half of the run.  I loved it… it was so light and I love how much info is displayed on the screen… BUT I’m not a huge fan of the heart rate straps and my garmin has the heart rate monitor built right into the watch.  Anyone else love to try out different running gadgets and gizmos?!  Also, I was pretty happy that the temperatures yesterday were a lot better than what I was expecting!

IMG 6469

Raspberries waiting in the car to be eaten once the run was finished.  They tasted SO GOOD.

IMG 6471

Wheat grass and a jamba a few minutes later…. maybe a new Saturday tradition?

IMG 6472

Because some of the miles that we did were on the street, I wore my PureCadences instead of trail shoes.   Muddy shoes are a sign of a good/adventurous run.

IMG 6473

We did a whole lot of errands together and that lamb below was the FIRST toy Brooke ever received when she was born (my aunt brought it to the hospital) and it is still one of her favorites.

IMG 6507

Family dinner (I try to pretend we are all sisters)

IMG 6521

and some skipping around The Riverwoods.

IMG 6522

Bring on the rest day!  Less than a week until my next race!


Who has the Vivoactive?  What are your thoughts?  What watch are you currently using?

Trail running peeps—>  What are your top reasons for loving trail running?

Ever go to Jamba Juice?  What do you get?  Wheatgrass?

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