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Remember a few months ago when I told you a little bit about something that had happened which resulted in police officers in my bedroom at 2 a.m.?  I didn’t feel safe explaining the whole situation until now that I’m moving out to Andrew’s house BUT let’s just say I have a very scary neighbor (he didn’t hurt us but I heard/saw who he did hurt).  I had to call the police on him and he was arrested but then out again and back living next door to me 2 weeks later.  My parents were NOT thrilled about the situation either and so my dad built a few things for my apartment like this big piece of wood that I kept at my door at all times.  To be honest, we didn’t really hang out outside unless Andrew was with us because I was so nervous of this guy and we would just leave through the garage and not open the garage door until we were in the car.  I might have been overreacting a bit but after that night that I called the police on him, I was not taking any chances with this dude.

Since I was living in an apartment that I didn’t own, the thought of a wireless security system didn’t even cross my mind so instead we just lived with a big chunk of wood hanging out at the front door at all times so that I could sleep at night.

IMG 2543

The other thing that has worried me in the past is blogging.  There are a trillion pros about blogging—> i.e. meeting most of my really good friends from it, talking with an awesome community of runners/women each day, being able to work from home while raising Brooke (and now spending days with Knox too), doing what I absolutely love to do and having fun opportunities (Olympic Trials in Oregon w/Brooks… that was incredible) BUT there are definitely a few cons too.  Over the 6 years of blogging I have received a few scary emails.  I took them right in to the police to report them but over the years my mom and I (and now Andrew) have come up with some ways to protect ourselves.

The thing that we haven’t figured out until now is the perfect home security system to keep us all safe and happy—> GetSafe!!!

Just Andrew and Brooke playing ‘My Little Pony Cash Register Grocery Shopping Sprinkles’ (Brooke made this game up;)

IMG 2525

Andrew and I just got GetSafe for our house and we are thrilled about it, it is absolutely perfect for us  It also would have been perfect for all of the apartments/townhouses that I’ve lived in over the years too because it is all WIRELESS and super easy to use and install.


A few of the things that we love so far with GetSafe is that you get the same benefits of a traditional security system WITHOUT the 3-5 year annual contracts.  We just pay monthly and love not having a long-term contract.  Everything came beautifully packaged and the instructions for installation were so easy to understand.


Andrew and I were able to set everything up in just a few minutes all by ourselves.  No drilling holes into our freshly painted walls;)  GetSafe is also very easy to move with… you just pack it up and move it to your new home (another reason I would have really loved using with all of my apartment living over the years) and customize it for your new home.  Nothing changes in your protection.


I’m a huge fan of the GetSafe Motion Detector Camera for a few reasons:  They are pet-friendly which means Beretta running around the house will not set it off, they are wireless and a killer deal and my favorite part——>  you can stream videos LIVE from your smartphone so that you can keep an eye on what’s going on even when you aren’t home.  We made sure to get a few of these to place around the house because we love them so much.

You control the system and set your rules for what to do if a sensor is triggered from your smartphone (with the GetSafe app).


Isn’t that awesome?!?!  PS AT&T 3g cellular backup is installed on EVERY system in case your internet goes down… most DIY systems are wi-fi only!

Screen Shot 2016 07 26 at 8 37 57 AM

And with two little toddlers I love having the entry sensors on the doors and windows so we know exactly when any of the doors or windows are opened.  The sensors just use a 1 AA battery to work!


Yes, please:)

Screen Shot 2016 07 26 at 9 12 15 AM

And I’m sure you really wanted to see this blurry picture of us in our GetSafe T-shirts;)  Andrew has quickly become an IG Husband but he assures me he loves it;)

GetSafe is the most robust home security app on the market…. with controls to activity, history, video and home automation integrations!  My mom has done her research too (she worries more than I do;) on all of the different options out there for a home security system for us to use and GetSafe BY FAR wins.

IMG 2558

And a picture of our two most important people in our lives.  They sure are cute… and FYI when I first picked up Brooke from her dad this last weekend the VERY first thing she said to me was, ‘Mama, WHERE’S KNOX?’  They’ve got a build-in best friend for life!

IMG 1974

Here’s to protecting our little family of 5 and our home!  PS I might put an Entry Sensor on my candy drawer to keep everyone away from it;)  I kid… kind of.

*****If you are wanting to purchase GetSafe for your home (house, apartment, townhouse…), the first FIFTY readers who purchase the Starter Kit can use code HRG2016 to get a FREE Motion Detector Camera (a $129 value).****  Just enter the code HRG2016 at checkout page under the order summary once the Motion Detector Camera is added to your cart:)

Sponsored by GetSafe!! Thanks for listening to my rambling and supporting us and our sponsors!!!


If you are a blogger…  Why did you start blogging?  What are the pros and cons of blogging for you?

Who has a pool?  What do you use to make your backyard safe?

Who else has a toddler or two right now?  

You running with anyone or a solo run today?  Outside or at the gym or at home?

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