I forgot to mention this morning that my new Lobster shoes also came with a Lobster foam thing and Brooke thinks it is hilarious.  

IMG 8463

We started our morning off like normal.  A spoonfull of almond butter before getting breakfast ready (we both wake up too hungry to wait) and then I got my run on. 

IMG 8444

I loved the Launch 2s.   I think they would actually make a great shoe for marathon racing.  They are lightweight (7.9 oz) but still have the comfort from the BioMoGo DNA.  They were flexible and the adaptive cushioning is great…  one size doesn’t fit all runners and that is why I love it.  

Screen Shot 2015 04 01 at 2 00 27 PM

I did 9 miles at a 8:20 pace and I was overall just tired.com after yesterday’s 12 x 800 workout.  I wanted to just bag the run because it was just an ‘easy’ run but kept reminding myself about the BENEFITS OF EASY RUNS to keep me from calling it quits.  There is a reason easy runs are built into our training plans, they aren’t just junk miles.  They do all sorts of things to help out our running:  


(Hansons Marathon Method)

Jaqueline told me this morning that my new Lobster shoes reminded her of when Brooke was a rocking lobster for Halloween.  Yep.  


I finally restocked our sweet potato stash.  It had been a good 5 days since my last sweet potato and that is 5 days too long.  

IMG 8473

Five random things for today:

1.  Bangs Friend got me good.  We are actually in a fight now because of this April Fools joke that she played on me.  I was seriously so beyond excited that she was having her baby.  

IMG 8459

2.  I had to stop at the store today because I forgot to pick up the #1 ranked Easter candy yesterday.

PS I know that it is #1 ranked because I stood in the Easter candy aisle at Target for about 10 minutes and took note of what people were putting into their shopping carts.  Six out of eight people grabbed the Starburst Jellybeans.

IMG 8472

3.  It’s that time of year where my eyeballs want to die from all of the pollen in the air.  Anyone else get allergies pretty bad?  What do you take to help?  

IMG 8431

4.  I registered for the St. George Marathon this morning.  Please cross your fingers that I get picked in the lottery.  I have a feeling that at mile 23 of the Boston Marathon (when my legs are feeling like they are going to fall off) I will be wondering why I signed up for another marathon.   I am hooked.  

Screen Shot 2015 04 01 at 1 02 34 PM

5.  A few people have asked about where I got my jean jacket from… I bought it HERE (and you get 30% off by using the code SPRINGSTYLE).  I bought it when I was in California and sad about having to do the whole ‘Brooke exchange with her Dad’ thing… I cope by shopping and by being creepy to my friends.   

IMG 8021


Anyone having a baby soon?  Boy or girl?  When is your due date?

Allergies?  What helps you?

Are you hungry when you first wake up or does it take a bit of time for you to feel hungry in the morning?

-If I wake up before 7 it usually takes me a little while to feel hungry but anytime after and I run to the kitchen first thing.

Do you agree with the #1 ranked Easter candy or is there something you like more?

Sentence per picture… Lobster addition.

April 1, 2015
IMG 8403

My Boston Lobster Launch 2s arrived and as you can tell, I was a little overjoyed about the whole situation. “The Lobster Launch 2 features patterned imagery of the lobster throughout the body of the shoe and a blue ocean midsole as an ode to the Atlantic Ocean that banks the city.”  I could just stare at these all day… actually, I think I will do just that today.   Is it just me or does her backpack make her […]

My tips for doing speedwork on the treadmill and Brooke did the cool-down with me so that was exciting.

March 31, 2015
IMG 8394

But first let’s talk about lunch with the girls.   They texted me about meeting them this morning during my recovery after my 6th 800 and having lunch to look forward to made it easier to finish.  I love having a reward after a hard workout. I had the buffalo chicken salad (from 180 Tacos) and the fact that they put pineapple on the top took it to another level.  I have no organizational skills when I eat and I […]

I stress out, RUNNER’S PASSPORT and a debate.

March 31, 2015
IMG 8293

I do this weird thing where I stress out big time about being on time to the airport for a flight.  Yesterday I was especially stressed to get there on time because I never know when and where there will be traffic in California.   There was zero traffic from my aunt’s house to Oakland and everything went smoothly which resulted in us getting past security 2.5 hours before our flight left.  Cool. We decided that a sit down breakfast […]

Monday Matters

March 30, 2015
IMG 8039

We are on our way back to Utah so here are some Monday Matters for you to enjoy (I don’t know if enjoy is the right word but let’s just pretend it is). For the rehearsal dinner on Friday night they had an awesome food truck.  The dinner was held in a beautiful yard and the food truck just pulled on up in the driveaway and we ordered whatever we wanted.  It was brilliant.   We tried to get a […]

The reunion is just as sweet and Boston training week #13

March 30, 2015
IMG 8244

I always take Sundays as my rest day but I decided last second to switch things around and I ran yesterday and I will take today off from exercises because of traveling.  I also didn’t have Brooke yesterday morning so I really didn’t have anything else to do besides run:)  Free time = run time.   11 miles @ 8:27 average pace.   All of the bridesmaids stayed at the InterContinental Mark Hopkins this weekend and I pretty much want […]

The wedding of all weddings.

March 29, 2015
IMG 8222

Get ready for lots of pictures and not very many words because I am writing this post 6 hours past my bedtime.    All of the girls together to celebrate the one and only Jess.  The day began at the super high-tech hotel gym.  It was early and there was no way I was running around by myself in San Francisco when it was still dark out.  8 miles @ 7:36 pace.  I’m amazed the treadmill didn’t blow up while […]