Like I said on Instagram yesterday—> Brooke and I are pretty much Lorelai and Rory Gilmore 2.0.  

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We started out our Thursday night date night with a trip to the Museum of Natural Curiosity and Brooke gave a beagle brain surgery.  

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She then preformed a pretty epic puppet show.  

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She rounded things out with a drum solo.  

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We worked up quite the appetite and hit up Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  Peanuts, salad, rolls, steak and potato.  Yep.  The best.  

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A lot can go very wrong during our runs (I’m looking at you injuries, tummy issues, wind and ice) BUT there are a lot of things that can go oh so very right during our runs.  

I put together a list of 15 of my favorite things that sometimes happen when I am out for a run:

IMG 1018

1.  You’re running up a tough hill but a tailwind is making the hill climb about 35% easier.  Love it when that happens.

2.  You are out running right as the sun is rising or setting and you are at the perfect angle to see it all happening.  

3.  You look down at your garmin to check out your pace and see that you are actually running way faster than what it feels like effort wise—>  Hello, getting stronger and more fit!

4.  The second you start to feel thirsty a drinking fountain magically appears.  And that drinking fountain has the most perfectly chilled water.  

5.  You experience that, ‘Man, I feel like I could run forever and ever’ feeling.  Rare for me but when it does happen I soak it all in and add a bonus mile or two.  

6.  You set a new training pr—>  this could be a new distance record, you hit your fastest interval times or your tempo run was completed at a pace that you never thought was possible previously.  

7.  If you are a treadmill runner—>  your favorite treadmill at the gym is empty when you arrive, your favorite tv show comes on right when you push the start button and there are a lot of people there to keep you entertained people watching.  

8.   Your garmin finds the satellites within a matter of milliseconds, all of your electronics are fully charged and your favorite running songs are your running partner for the miles.

9.   You leave for your run grumpy or upset about a problem but by the end you work the whole situation out and walk back in your door in a much better place compared to when you left for your run.  

10.  The weather is the exact degree that you prefer.  There is a little bit of cloud cover and a slight breeze.  AKA October runs. 

11.  You’re in a brand new running outfit that makes you feel pretty confident and hardcore.   The same goes for a new pair of shoes that make your feet feel like you are running on pillows.

12.   Those first dozen pain-free runs after coming back from an injury.  You’ve been out of the game for weeks/months and stressed about if you were going to hurt again once you did start running again AND then you don’t:)  GRATITUDE.COM

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13.  You are out on your run on the roads and you don’t ever have to stop for any stoplights or cars.

14.  You are out on your run on the roads and you are forced to stop for cars at the exact time that you need a break to catch your breath or stretch.

15.  You are trail running.  This is always the best thing that can happen to me during a run;)  

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What are some of the best things that happen to you while out on a run?

Gilmore Girls fan?  

-Oh yes.  This reminds me—> I think I am going to start the series over again for the 15th time.

What are you most looking forward to about the weekend?

Our day so far in VIDEO!!!

May 21, 2015

Happy Thursday everyone!   Today I have a little video of our day so far!  Highlights include—>  A sprint and hill climb after teaching a spin class, dance party in the car (to Brooke’s favorite song that she makes us listen to on repeat), my favorite lunch, a carousel, deep conversations with Brooke and a tour of my huge home office.   PS I apologize my voice is a few octaves too high (and I repeat myself about what’s in […]

Thriving and Thursday Things!

May 21, 2015
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I don’t know how we were able to do a pyramid after Megan’s killer bootcamp class but somehow we managed to make it happen.   Yesterday was full of burpees, tricep and normal pushups, lunge jumps, mountain climber type things, squats galore and lots of weights.  I think I’ll be sore for a week. Also, I once again was reminded last night about how much I thrive on group workouts.  There is NO way that I would have completed this […]

Magic endorphins, cadence and run happy fun facts.

May 20, 2015
IMG 1080

I woke up this morning ridiculously grumpy.  I don’t know what hit me when I first woke up but luckily a quick three miles on the treadmill changed things right away.  Those endorphins… I’m telling ya.  They are magic.  If you asked me to, I could probably write a list of at least 10,000 benefits from running.  Running never ceases to amaze me. Every month or two I dedicate one of my runs to checking in on my cadence.   […]

Sentence Per Picture!!!

May 20, 2015
IMG 1450

Paige and I are going to both be out of town for Jess’s baby shower in June so we decided to do our own surprise one for her.   And a fun touching her belly shot.  We went to get her biggest pregnancy craving (along with mashed potatoes), OTEO TACOS (2 avocado and 1 pork taco for me).   Brooke opted for the quesadilla and I took care of the guacamole for her (she’s in an ‘I hate avocado stage’ […]

Donut to running ratio, dynamic stretching & my 1/2 marathon playlist!

May 19, 2015
PicMonkey Collage

Do you ever do dynamic stretches before your runs?  I never did until my coach told me to and ever since then I have been doing them before any hard workouts (i.e. track workouts, tempo runs etc).  PS dynamic stretching means to stretch in motion.  Static stretching = holding a position/stretch.   So why do them?  Dynamic stretching can really help you with your range of motion.  They can help to strengthen your core, mobility and stability muscles too!  They […]

A fun track workout for you to try and a debate.

May 19, 2015
IMG 0995

Some things came up last night and so I had to skip out on meg’s bootcamp.  Once we got everything taken care of Brooke and I stopped at the track to get in a workout.  Brooke is really into her scooter lately so it was a win-win situation.  We also avoided getting rained on which made it even better… I’m kind of over running in the rain.   Here is how it went!   For the 400 meter run you […]