My Bday in Pictures!

February 14, 2016

-We decided to sleep in and do the cuddle and then treadmill thing instead of getting up early.  

IMG 8119

-This.  Best thing to do on my birthday.


-My mom brought lunch over for us (chicken fajita salad) and watched with us!

IMG 5934

A few things about the trials:

-JARED WARD!!!!!!! He took third for the men.. he lives right by me and he ran for BYU.  I am SO stoked about him!  

-Rupp took 1st for the men and that was his first marathon ever!

-I LOVED watching Amy and Shalane talking to each other and working together.  Amy really seemed to be helping Shalane out at the end with her water bottles and encouraging her.  

-Meb.  I just love him.  When all of his kiddos ran up to him at the end.. goosebumps everywhere.

-Kara broke my heart but I am stoked that my two buddies took 1st and 2nd;)

Screen Shot 2016 02 13 at 1 38 36 PM

And now a bunch of pictures from my girls’ night with my favorites.  They took me to Carabas and then to stay the night at The Grand America… they are real good to me.  

 IMG 8750

IMG 5961

IMG 0853

IMG 8745

IMG 3024 JPG

IMG 8751

Also, Brooke dropped my phone in water yesterday so I don’t have a phone in case anybody tried to reach me.  At this point I am not sure I am going to buy a new one ha… I can’t keep one working for longer than a few months.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Will you be mine?  

What are your plans today?

What did you think about the Marathon Trials?  

10 pics from the last day in my 20s…

February 13, 2016
IMG 8016

Last run in my 20s…  I have a feeling there will be some pretty amazing runs/races in my 30s. Errands with my main squeeze. My older niece took me for my bday date… and she had pretty fancy hair.  Brooke runs more miles each day than I do. She is also becoming quite the photographer. She gave us all makeovers at my sister’s house. Dinner and a movie with Jess… she even treated me to the recliner seats. We made […]

6 Friday Favorites and YOUR Running Accomplishments

February 12, 2016

HAPPY WEEKEND!!! I’m excited for a mini girls’ trip to celebrate my 30th, a Saturday run (it feels like it has been forever since that has happened) and some good ol’ fashioned family time.   Let’s start out today with a few favorites: 1.  This workout top from GapFit.  The softness levels are out of control, I want every color and I love the open back.  2.  Documentaries.  I love them.  I watch them in the middle of the night […]

Marathon memories, friends who… and a Ray-Ban Giveaway!

February 11, 2016
IMG 5922

Brooke’s first ever Valentine’s Day party (I still don’t know why I wasn’t invited) was a success.   Just a real quick flashback to Brooke’s first V-day.  I hit up the treadmill for 4 miles @ an 8:36 pace.  I am not fully sure why I took a picture of my dead watch but the picture reminded me that today I wore the exact outfit/shoes that I wore for my marathon in December.  Memories… It might take a few more […]

A Valentine’s Day Questionnaire and Toddlers.

February 11, 2016
IMG 7883

How I plank with turf toe.  Running doesn’t hurt it but putting pressure on it and bending it like it does while in plank feels awful so I get my plank on with my right foot on top of my left.   While I love (/hate…it is really hard) bootcamp and the benefits of strength training… one of the biggest things that keeps me going is for the social aspect.  Working out with friends is my absolute favorite way to […]

I couldn’t possible live without my ______ and a bunch of tangents.

February 10, 2016

*Lindsey, the pictures that you take of Brooke make my heart explode.  *The Purecadence 4s made their appearance this morning on my run.  I’ve got a lot of work to do to get back in running shape but I am sure excited to do it.   *Brooke taught me all about stretching at Dr. B’s office. *I’ve been searching for more learning activities/games for Brooke and I to do together—>  happy heart kid has become our favorite.  They are all […]

Date #2 and DID YOU KNOW (running edition).

February 10, 2016
IMG 7687

My nephew took me out yesterday for my birthday present and based on the activities he chose for us to do… he must know me pretty well.   First, we hit up the best donut shop in town.   Apple fritters are where the money is at.. Turns out that Nick Symmonds (professional runner and two-time Olympian) agrees with me.  He understands that apple fritters solve everything.     New favorite card… it expresses so much emotion through just a […]