Good thing the black and white filter doesn’t let you see that my face was bright red/blotchy/sweaty from the crazy class I took.  It is called sports conditioning and it always kicks my trash.  I like to think that I am in shape because of all of the running but then I go to this class and I quickly realize that running shape and sports conditioning class shape are not the same thing.  

The class is full of 2-3 minute hard cardio intervals followed by weights for 1-2 minutes (not just one muscle group at a time, she makes sure to have us do at least 2 different muscle groups at the same time… i.e. shoulder presses and squats).   We took our heart rate after one of the intervals and mine was 200… I don’t think it has been that high since 2005.

I am loving getting back into classes during this time of not having a running training plan.  I know we all love running and want to do that as much as possible but it is SOOO good to shake things up.  Our bodies gets used to doing the same type of exercise all of the time so find other ways to challenge it too (also by changing up your speed/hills when you run—> a great way to confuse your body and challenge it)!    Plus, it keeps your mind entertained too when you switch things up.   

IMG 9929

So Brooke is getting more dates than me these days;)  

IMG 9944

Mainly she just runs away from them though.  She’s fast.

IMG 9954

I am starting to prepare myself for training in the cold.  Boston training starts at the end of December= a very very very cold time in Utah.  

PS I can’t wait for Brooke to learn how to take pictures because the self-timer isn’t my favorite.  

I got the PureProject Seamless Running Tight and the PureProject Shelter Running Jacket.

DSC 0647

Below—>  What the jacket looks like when I use the flash (or what the reflectors look like if you are running when it is dark out).  Besides the jackets and tights being awesome things to run in… I have been wearing them around town to do errands and until I finally shower at 5 pm;)  

The jacket is water and windproof!  I love that it is a fitted jacket and that it isn’t boxy like a lot of jackets.  There are three pockets total—>  two in the front and one just below the shoulder on your left side.  I think the reflectors are awesome because you can’t see them normally but you can REALLY see them when you need to be seen running in the dark.  This will be a great top layer for winter running this year.  

DSC 0634

And the tights.  So ridiculously comfortable (I love clothing without any seams).  Compression tights = thank you.  I even wore them to teach spin and loved them for that too.   There are three slit pockets pockets (on the inside of the pants) that make it easy to store a few things while you run.   Definitely will be wearing these to run and also when I am in the mood for leggings and a sweatshirt all day.  

IMG 9932

My question—> I am getting bored with just throwing a bunch of food on top of lettuce or a sweet potato and eating that for lunch or dinner.  Where do you guys get healthy meal recipes?  Share your wealth of knowledge!  Time to shake things up around these parts:)

What are some of your goto meals at home?

What do you do to switch up your workouts?

What was your workout today? 

Running—-> Enduring Well.

October 22, 2014
IMG 9907

But first, three things that made me happy and a birthday party. 1.  Some of our Halloween decorations.  It has been fun starting completely fresh in our new place and decorating the way I like to decorate… like a gold glitter skull on the table. 2.  My friend was right, baking treats for other people is always a good idea.  My apartment still smells amazing many hours later.   3.  The amount of joy that Brooke gets from wearing her […]

Random Stories from my iPhone!

October 21, 2014
IMG 9755

 Lots of randomness coming your way. -Brooke has been nailing her track workouts lately. I am a proud mom.   -She is REALLY into coloring all of the sudden. -Soooo that time I fell on the trail… ummm I am starting to realize how lucky I am that I didn’t break my arm judging by the bruise/swelling.  My arm was the first thing to hit the ground when I fell.  My advice to you is to refrain from falling.   […]

My Fall Favorites!

October 21, 2014
IMG 9796

I just wish that Fall could last for a few extra months.  Wouldn’t that be great?   Here are a few of the reasons why I think we should force mother nature to extend this perfect season. 1a.  Fall Running.  My absolute favorite.  The weather is perfect.  Shorts (preferably matching ones with your running buddy) and a long sleeve top, jacket or vest is all you need.  You are a tiny bit cold when you first start out (at least […]

Gotta love Mondays, our Sundance tradition and you’re not a nutella jar.

October 20, 2014
IMG 9852

It has been weeks since I have done a total body strength workout and months since I have been to a pump class.  I decided that today was the day to start going back to pump classes.  Gotta love how Mondays motivate us to start a new goal.  I was going to run after class but decided to ellipticize instead for a bit… I ran 46 miles last week and that is way too high for me so soon after […]

Playing around on the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill and a family birthday party (you know those are my favorite).

October 20, 2014
IMG 9726

Just running on a $60,000 treadmill.  I have heard all about the AlterG Treadmills before so I was really excited that I finally got to try it out.   When I first got there they had me put some sweet compression/really tight shorts on that had a nice little flap on the top with a zipper.  I stepped onto the treadmill and into the chamber and then zipped myself into it.  The first thing that the treadmill did was weigh […]

How to warm your legs up REALLY fast and

October 19, 2014
IMG 9798

It feels weird to not be following some sort of training plan.  But it feels weird in a good sort of a way.  All of the miles I am doing lately are just for fun and stopping every mile or so for randomness has become the new normal.   A big happy running family.   A great way to really warm up your legs fast—>  spend the first two miles of your run going straight uphill.  Josse made up our […]