10 Wednesday Fun Facts

December 17, 2014

1. Just testing out the ice to see if we could skate across it with our trail running shoes. 

Josse and I hit the trails for 8 easy miles this morning.  We savor each of our runs together now that we don’t get to run together every day like we did last year.   I have said it many times before, she is my running soul mate.

IMG 2511

2.  Brooke refuses to listen to Christmas music without her bell in hand.  So, basically I get to hear this lovely little bell all day in the car:)   

IMG 2519

2.  I bet you $5 that these never make it into her stocking.  I have had a real thing for gummy bears lately and the packaging evens says that grown-ups love them too.

IMG 2507 

3.  A bunch of people asked about where the Christmas leggings are from—>  HERE!!!!

IMG 2446

4.  Megan has even been rocking them on the treadmill:

IMG 2517

and this comment about the leggings made my day:

 Screen Shot 2014 12 17 at 11 10 01 AM

5.  Winner of the Brooks Winter Accessories giveaway:

Screen Shot 2014 12 17 at 7 47 49 AM

6.  The winner of the PRO Compression Giveaway (ps the code HRG14 is still good for 40% off until Christmas) is:

Rachel Bork!!!

7.  A bunch of people have been telling me that I NEED to start listening to the SERIAL Podcast!  Who else is into SERIAL right now?  I think I am going to start listening to it while I run on the treadmill!

IMG 2516

8.  If you are needing to watch something that will put you in a good mood, this is the movie to watch!  I can’t figure out how to put it on the blog but I did put it on Facebook HERE!  It explains my feelings towards ice cream perfectly.  

Screen Shot 2014 12 17 at 11 32 35 AM

9.  It seems like Santa is everywhere this year.  We see him almost every day around town.  As a kid I only ever saw him at the mall when I would wait in line for an hour to sit on his lap.  

IMG 2417

10.  A Christmas tradition from the other day that I forgot to show you!  Christmas pancakes using cookie cutters!  Just make sure to spray your cookie cutters with Pam to avoid the pancakes sticking to them.  

IMG 2457


What are some of your favorite podcasts? 

Were you cold, hot or just right on your run today?

-A little cold but also warm at the same time, I don’t know how that happens but it just does.

What are you up to tonight!?  Fill me in!!

2 traditions and I spoke too soon…

December 17, 2014
IMG 0168

Remember how on Monday I was saying how great running felt?  Well, my Tuesday run felt the opposite and those 8 miles felt like they lasted a century.  Whenever this happens I just have to remind myself that it is all part of the game.  Every runner on the entire planet has great days of running, bad days and days that feel somewhere in the middle.   It would be abnormal to always feel like a million bucks on all […]

Creative, comfy and original shoes that we are loving–> BucketFeet!

December 16, 2014
DSC 1057

There is a new shoe company that I have been quite obsessed with lately! They are called BucketFeet and they collaborate with artists from around the world to create products that stand out and tell a story.  I love how each shoe style is completely original.  The little details and designs are so different from anything I have seen on other shoes. I loved learning about this unique shoe company!  BucketFeet has an artist network with more than 10,000 artists […]

Monday Matters #2

December 15, 2014
FullSizeRender 3

-2 months post marathon and I am finally feeling like I am running like normal again.  Those of you that can bust out race after race after race are my heroes.  2 marathons a year max for this girl.   I did a progressive run this morning for 8 miles starting with a 8:15 mile and finishing with a 6:55 mile with an average pace of 7:35. I don’t have any pictures from today’s run but I do have two […]

How do I not die of boredom on the treadmill?

December 15, 2014
PicMonkey Collage

This is a question that I get a lot because for most people, the treadmill= torture.   10 things that keep me happy (most of the time) and entertained on the treadmill: (You know you have too much free time when you make a collage of pictures of yourself with the treadmill) 1.  I have never CHOSEN to run on the treadmill over running outside BUT a lot of times it is my only choice.  There are many days where […]

Efficient foam rolling and 10 miles of treadmilling.

December 14, 2014

The treadmill was my only option yesterday morning so I decided to make it a good one and get in 10 miles.   For the last two miles I pushed myself and hit a 6:44 pace.  It felt good to get the leg turnover going a bit.  Now if only I could do 24.2 more miles at that pace:) First thing I did when I got home was make this bowl of eggs, zucchini, green & yellow peppers, spinach, ground […]

Sentence (per picture) Saturday and Christmas tree pizza that you should make.

December 13, 2014
FullSizeRender 1

Josse said, “Let’s go run a really beautiful 7 mile loop up in the mountains.” She forgot to mention that we would go so high up in the mountains that our ears would pop due to elevation change.   How in the world is it 50 degrees in Utah during December? Cascadia 9s, you treat me really well on the trails. Well, turns out climbing 1,800 feet in less than 4 miles makes your legs feel completely like jello mixed […]