Candice came to my gym to run side by side on the treadmills with me.  I wish we could do this multiple times a week.  Yes, I am talking as I am taking the picture.  

IMG 0379

Trick-or treating at the mall.  

IMG 0401

Cinnabon was giving out samples.  The best treat of the day.

IMG 0405

Stopped to refuel.

IMG 0406

Then we went to my parents’ neighborhood so we could trick-or-treat where I did as a kid.

IMG 0421

The weather was perfect.  

IMG 0426

I feel like I ran a marathon because we trick-or-treated for 4.5 hours (stopped and talked at people’s houses but STILL… we were going non-stop for a long time).  

IMG 0427

Ended the Halloween night at my Grandma’s house with Mr. Blue.

IMG 0429

And Milky Ways:

IMG 0416


Screen Shot 2014 10 31 at 8 59 24 PM


How was your night?  Did you go trick-or-treating?

What is your run this weekend?  

Any GU fans?  Favorite flavors?

10 things from yesterday.

October 31, 2014
IMG 0075

1.  I actually don’t think it is possible for her to be any cuter and she walks better in heels than I do.  2.  One amazing part about being a parent—>  I get to charge 85% mom tax on all of the candy that Brooke gets from Halloween.  Those Milky Ways are all mine. 3.  Taught some spin yesterday and wore the tank that I wore for the St. George Marathon.  I realized that I only had ONE tiny gatorade […]

Google searches that brought people to my blog.

October 30, 2014

Google searches that brought people here and my replies: “Hungry Runner Girl Sister’s Arms” -It is ridiculous, she is 6 months pregnant and still has perfectly ripped arms. “How to run without getting tired?” -The second you find the answer to this question please email me asap. “Images of women that are 2 weeks pregnant” Here you go: “What happened to Hungry Runner Girl’s marriage?” -It exploded. “Dunkaroo” -Thanks a lot… now I can’t get the idea of a delicious […]

My incoordination caught on video and pride/disappointment.

October 30, 2014
IMG 0320

This meal was brought to me by Costco.  Salmon.  Butter on my salmon.  Edamame.  Sweet potato.  All from the Costco.  The only non-Costco item was the South African Smoke seasoning on the salmon from TJ’s.    Brooke decided yesterday that the whole nap thing wasn’t an option so instead we discussed life and things life physics and politics on the couch.   After dinner I switched kiddos with my sister so Brooke could spend some time with her cousins and […]

The first cold weather run of the season.

October 29, 2014
IMG 0284

The cold.  It has come.  I almost backed out of my run with friends this morning when my thermometer read 37 degrees.   Last winter we would run in temps below 10 degrees but it takes a good amount of time for my wussy weather self to build up to such craziness again.  I am still shocked that I got out of my warm bed.   Luckily, once we got going I quickly remembered that my body preforms best at […]

I have a problem (I know you already knew that) and post-race blues.

October 29, 2014
IMG 0249

Doesn’t matter where we are.  I am the jungle gym and I don’t ever want that to change (okay, maybe I will be okay with change when she is a teenager or something).   Brooke asked to go to the play place and I couldn’t turn her down (I need to start working on that).   And afterwards we partied hard the Mormon way with Sparkling Cider Floats.   This was my first time ever trying this combo and it […]

This week’s workout playlist and my issue with strength training.

October 28, 2014

Welp, that was a tiring 8 miles on the treadmill.  Here is my issue with strength training: I love it (well, pump classes.. not so much on my own) but I do not love how sore it leaves me the next day.  It just means that the day after I strength train I am going to be pretty tired and sore when I run.  I guess the more I do it the less sore I will be right?  And I […]