We went to the Payson Temple Open House yesterday afternoon and it was absolutely beautiful.  

IMG 1012

I don’t know if you have noticed but I really like these two girls.  

IMG 9649

Brooke had her little friends there with her too!

IMG 9645

I am a morning worker outer.  I’ve always been this way and probably always will be BUT I am trying the night thing 2 times a week out because Megan’s bootcamp classes are bomb (she has classes in the early morning too but I don’t have anyone to help with Brooke at that time).  

In just 45 minutes she gets our heart rate way up, we end up working every muscle (including the ones that I didn’t know that I had) hard, she plays the best music and she is super encouraging!  The class also has a ton of variety in each circuit which keeps me from getting bored like I normally do when strength training.  I also love the group aspect of this class.  Working out with other people is always way more fun for me.

PS if you want to join in on her classes just email her at mcfitutah@gmail.com  

I know I say this a lot but I mean it this time—> I really want to go into my next marathon training cycle stronger than ever.  When my legs were completely fatigued and wanting to quit during the Newton Hills last week I decided that if I want to make this sub 3 thing happen then I need to be stronger.  I need to strength train to gain more muscle to help me conquer those hills and to continue to stay injury free.  Just running with a tiny bit of strength/core work each week isn’t going to get me to where I want to be.  

During bootcamp we rotate through a bunch of circuits at a fast pace which I love because you don’t have time to think about how tired you are:)

A few of the things we did yesterday:

My first time ever using TRX and then throwing the medicine ball as hard as we could, catching it and repeating.  


This was my first time using the ropes too.  This rope is 50 lbs… no wonder why my heart rate soared during this exercise.  Push-ups, lunges, squats, planks and much much more.  I think I will be cursing Megan’s name this morning when I can’t get out of bed.  


The hardest part of getting myself to work out at night is just getting changed into workout clothes.  Once I change I am excited to go workout but I really have to talk myself into changing.  Weird.  

Brooke participated in two activities that I think every kid absolutely adores:

1.  Blowing bubbles in their milk.  She did this for at least 20 minutes.

IMG 9678

2.  Running around a room full of balloons.  

IMG 9685

I’m pretty obsessed with our nightly tradition of popcorn on the couch in our pjs.  I have a feeling this will be our thing for a very long time.   

IMG 9692

 Interesting read—>  Kara Goucher just wrote a post about what she has been doing differently with her diet this year.  


Have you tried anything new lately with your nutrition?  PLEASE SHARE, I’d love to hear:)

Do you prefer working out in the morning or at night?  In your perfect world what time would you work out every day?

Have any nightly traditions?  Anything you eat most nights before bed?

Now THIS is a good idea!

April 27, 2015
IMG 9469

Last week I got to go hang out at ABC 4 Utah to talk a little bit more about the Boston Marathon!  For some reason I was crazy nervous for this one and forgot to look at the camera so ya know… but it still was a blast!   While I was there I met a woman that came up with the best idea.  Hydr-8 !!!!!  She was on the show after me and once I found out about what […]

Chance to win BIG. Our Sunday. 6 things to check out.

April 27, 2015
IMG 0948

First and most importantly today——>  2 people are going to win $150 gift cards to PRO Compression to purchase whatever they want!!! I am a huge fan of PRO Compression.  They are my favorite recovery tool.  These babies go right on my feet after I finish a long run, hard workout or race!  Besides increasing your blood flow (which helps your body to recover faster), they are comfortable and they come in a bunch of different fun colors and patterns! […]

Say a little prayer for my sis.

April 26, 2015
FullSizeRender 1

A day spent with my nieces is always a good day.   Let’s rewind to the beginning of the day. I’m not gonna lie, I missed having a Saturday long run with my running friends BUT I am going to stick to taking a good chunk of time away from running.  I’ve learned from the past that I need to make sure I really take time to recover after a marathon before starting running up again. I did put in […]

Pretty Much Silent Saturday

April 25, 2015
IMG 9522

Woke up and decided that the Museum of Natural Curiosity sounded like a much better idea than going to the gym. Little carts always make us happy. My latest addiction.  This stuff is bomb.  PS I hope my Boston colored nails never come off.   Food always makes for the perfect birthday gift.  HAPPY BDAY MEGAN D! I told you, the kaleidoscope is pretty much another appendage at this point. The only cup I use at home. Easy dinner at […]


April 24, 2015
IMG 0557

I found a goldmine.  It is called Seedling and Brooke is just as excited about it as I am.  I am constantly on the lookout for activities and toys for Brooke that will help her to learn, grow and use her creativity- Seedling offers imaginative toys and activities that does just that.   To make it even better they have a huge selection to choose from (over 350 different products) and they deliver them right to your door! I think […]

My first ever running picture and what I’m going to do differently next time!

April 23, 2015
IMG 9242

My brother that lives in Kentucky sent me the picture below the night before my marathon.   Part of his text with the picture said,  “No matter how tomorrow goes, I am so proud of the person you are! I have held on to this picture of you for many years.  It makes me so happy to see my little running buddy….”  The brother that sent this to me was a pretty incredible cross country runner and I would ride […]