I started this week out with the mountains, Josse and a double-digit run.  I’m okay with that.

When I pulled up to our meeting spot (it was already 75 degrees… party) Josse let me know that we were going to do a big loop on the trails.

IMG 0451

I’m glad she didn’t warn me about the first two miles until we got to them…

They burned.  It felt like we had a steep climb for the entire first 21:15 minutes (700 ft gain).  But I will be thankful for Josse tricking me into all of the crazy hill runs on marathon race day in St. George at mile 7 (the hardest hill on the course—> it’s a long one).

I was pretty excited yesterday because the heat wasn’t bothering me like it used to a few weeks ago.  Isn’t it amazing how our bodies adjust to the different seasons after a few weeks of training (although there is nothing to adjust to for Fall running because that is just the perfect running time of year where your body is perfectly content).

10 miles total with a side of jello legs.  After I picked up Brooke from my mom’s house I did planks—>  5 x 1 minute plank on elbows with 15 second breaks in between each one.

Screen Shot 2016 06 27 at 11 41 49 AM

After lunch Brookie and I went to pick out wedding cake flavors with my good friend Nicole and her kiddos.

IMG 0463

Andrew couldn’t make it but he was just a little excited about the final product—>  funfetti as the biggest part of the cake.   Thank you to the readers on Monday that told us that funfetti cake was a huge hit at their wedding!  I add emojis to my contacts… don’t mind those.

IMG 0468

We celebrated with Yogurtland afterwards.

IMG 0467

Brooke then spilled her juice all over me and so a quick change and we hit up the mall to pick up her shoes for her flower girl dress.

IMG 0476

PS I will show you her dress for the wedding.  I can’t wait to see her in it with a little flower crown.

IMG 0456

After Andrew got off work we drove up north to pick up Beretta (his dog) from his parents’ house (she was staying there while we were at the cabin last week).  Everyone was pretty thrilled to be reunited.

IMG 0500

We ate cherries.

IMG 0493

And then Andrew made spaghetti (probably because I have told him that I have been craving it for days now;).

IMG 0510 1

Now for a few Tuesday Tangents:

*He has pretty much mastered the double toddler carry.  I have not.

IMG 0231

*Brooke gave my sister a makeover.

IMG 0302

*Andrew spoils her with head scratches when we watch movies.

IMG 0319

* My new nephew (my brother’s family in Arizona) has quite the hair style (it reminds me of Brooke’s spikey hair when she was an infant).

IMG 0234

*Josse had a sweet marathon finish line pic (PS races that give you free race photos are the best races).

IMG 0316

*Brooke and Knox were really into playing Battleships last week (they made up their own rules) and it made me have a  flashback to all of my favorite games when I was younger—>  LIFE, Monopoly, Connect 4, Operation, Risk and Trivial Pursuit (the Disney version).

IMG 0285

*One last pic from running at Brian Head last week.  The air felt like it just soaked into my lungs yesterday running at my normal altitude again. Maybe Andrew and I should start doing our long runs in Park City to get stronger with the hills and higher altitude.  Or maybe I can just take the ski lift to the top of the mountain and run down.  Sounds like a good plan.

IMG 0260

*You still have a few more days to celebrate!  I choose to celebrate all year long.

Screen Shot 2016 06 27 at 3 31 38 PM


What were some of your favorite board games as a kid?

Absolute favorite cake flavor?  Which do you like more—> the cake part or the frosting part?

Do you ever buy your race photos or have your races lately given out free photos?

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